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Lance Luciano

And once he took off his shirt. Woah. His body is like pure soft and luscious caramel. Without a singe ounce of body fat, this boy is all abs, pecs and biceps. I asked him if he needed any porn to get hard, and he gave me a cocky laugh. Like a telekinetic, he just looked down at his crotch and his bulge started to grow. When he pulled out his gigantic dick, he smiled into the camera. This boy loves putting on a show. He started to jerk off his cock and touch all of his hard muscles. He decided to get more comfortable and retreated to the couch where he laid back and began to play with himself some more. He lifted his legs up and showed off his beautiful ass hole. He flipped over on his knees and shoved his butt into the camera for the world to see. He began to slip a finger in as he moaned out in pleasure. After proving his bottom potential, he decided to show off his top skills as well. He grabbed a flesh jack and slipped his hard shaft inside of it. He pounded away as if it was your hot open ass. And finally after edging for a bit, he pulled out of the flesh jack and started to work himself up to a climax. He let his cum fly all over the floor and the camera man below him. Welcome to Randy Blue, Lance. I look forward to seeing you in action.

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