Hallween Hangover – Malachi Marx, Joey Rico & Duke Campbell


Especial – • Halloween – Dia das Bruxas – Hallween Hangover – Malachi Marx, Joey Rico & Duke Campbell
These Halloween whores just woke up from a night of drinking, smoking and calling up gay spirits. They never got laid and now is the time to make up for that. They decided to get naked and the three hot studs groped at each other’s hard muscles and pulled out their even harder cocks. Duke Campbell and Joey Rico sucked on Malachi Marx, then Duke put Malachi and Joey in his mouth at the same time. Then they all blew each other in a holy triangular blow job trinity. After eating out Joey Rico’s ass, Duke Campbell barebacked it nice and hard while Malachi Marx fed Joey Rico his dick. After a cum explosion from Duke, he filled Joey’s butt up with his hot seed.

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