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Extra Big Dicks – Tony Dinero

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New York is to thank for this weeks delicious find. A Brooklyn native, 29yo Italian Tony DInero is down in Florida now; where he obviously enjoys what Florida winters have to offer. He is charismatic and personable and has a smile that we’re sure gets him plenty of pussy. His charm is only part of his package; he also comes equipped with a thick 9″ sausage that would make many a tad nervous in the showers. He got a late start, by most standards, losing his cherry at the age of 17. He was focused on sports through high school and even placed State Champ in wrestling. It wasn’t until he blew his knee out junior year that he was able to turn his attention to “other” sports, meeting ladies on the sidelines. He has no regrets and still grins ear to ear remembering it. Even though he loves ass, his favorite thing to do is eat pussy. He can’t get enough. In return he loves to have his balls sucked. “They’re very sensitive,” he grins. He didn’t realize he was better appointed for the “job” til he was in his mid-twenties; he only had men he saw in porn to compare to. The best part of having a big dick for Tony is watching a girls face when he pulls it out.

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