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 The men of Mexico have a style of fucking that leaves the rest of the world in the dust. They get down to it, hard and dirty and rough. Cock is king in Mexico and if you had any doubts about that being true, sit back and watch Mexican Brother-Fuckers the latest feature from TIM Mexico. Eddy X is a pure arrogant easy-going Mexican top-stud and his oversized cock gives him more power than one man should probably have, but he puts it to good use when he fucks dick-crazed bottom boy Xavier. Mike is used to getting a lot of attention because of his big cock and Abraham’s mouth drops open and drool flows the minute he see Mike’s thick, uncut cock. Mike isn’t a gentle fucker and he throws Abraham onto a cheap rickety table and gives him the business deep, hard and tough! Eric Alonso is a total butt slut and his love for cock knows no bounds. David fucks Eric outdoors, unbridled, unplanned, on any surface or table that can hold them. After a while David takes a break but the slutty Eric can’t resist and slides down onto David’s pulsing cock and fucks himself! The fucking is rough and animalistic with David punching his long dick deep into Eric as he floods Eric’s bowels with manjuice! Leo is a lean, sexy fuck-machine who knows how to make a grown man whimper with pleasure. He teases Xavier’s fuckhole until it’s juicy and pouty and once it’s sloppy with spit, Leo gets down to business, working his perfect cock deeper and deeper until his balls meet butt! Dilan is a bottom whose sole purpose is to please and he’s never satisfied until he’s gotten a load from every guy in the room. Watch as Bruno and Joss use Dilan like the fuck toy he is. Jimmy enjoys nothing more than being a cumdump for every bad man he meets in the streets. El Malas and Lalo Santos ride Jimmy for all he’s worth, shooting multiple loads in him, double dicking him and making him suck their dicks clean. The Perez brothers are Mexico City famous and they have been cheerfully fucking each other since they were kids. Watch these total exhibitionists explore each other’s bodies and flip-fuck each other, their muscles gleaming. 

Cast: Jairo Perez, Tom Perez, Eddy X, Xavier, Mike, Abraham, Eric Alonso, David, Leo Ing, Bruno, Joss, Dilan, El Malas, Lalo Santos, Jimmy

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