Especial de Aniversário do Rio de Janeiro – Filme Completo – Vacation In Rio De Janeiro


Filme Completo – Vacation In Rio De Janeiro


Vacation In Rio De Janeiro was beautifully filmed entirely on location in exotic Brazil. The sexual tension burns beneath the sunny surface and Ricardo starts tonguing and then pounding Marcos’ ass whilst Paulo furiously pounds his own cock, hanging over a ledge. The three blow their loads simultaneously, with Ricardo and Marcos never realizing they were just in a threeway. Alternating between stroking his pretty pecs and his pretty pud, Poax works himself into a sun-drenched frenzy as he builds closer and closer to his climax. When he finally does come, his cock erupts like a geyser, spraying thick creamy white jizz all over his honey-brown leg. Seducing the camera with his eyes, Alexandre engages the viewer’s fantasy-and his own-working himself into a frenzied state of ecstasy until cum sprays from his cock all over the sandy beach. Sated, Alexandre retires into the ocean. Bruno’s suit slides down and Marcello starts working his tongue up Bruno’s ass. Intrigued, Ricardo joins in. They pull Bruno from the water and take turns in both of Bruno’s ends. The three shower each other in cum before collapsing into a pile to enjoy the Rio evening. There’s enough tonguing and pounding to keep anybody happy and these hot Brazilians bust their creamy white loads all over each other! Cast: Marcelo Pereira, Alexandre Frasery, Bruno Bordas, Guto Vieira, Kaike Fontes, Marcos Silva, Paulo Cesar Pereio, Poax, Ricardo Souza
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